Why am I doing this?

I decided to start a blog because I thought it would help me to focus on writing and become more disciplined.  I also felt that if my writing was being ‘published’, it would make me consider the content, structure and language more seriously.  I believed it would be good to have a place where I could store my thoughts and writing and see how both develop.

I didn’t get very far initially but have decided to resurrect it now as a platform for my writing.  It doesn’t matter at all to me if nobody reads it, it’s just the thought that there’s a slight possibility someone might that makes me pay more attention and consider more carefully how I express myself.  I may ‘release’ it to people I know at a later stage but, at the moment, it’s still my baby, it’s in its infancy and I want to protect it from the wider world just like any other caring parent.

I have written in a journal on and off (more off than on) for several years and for the past month have been making a conscious effort to write in it every day.  I thought this would be difficult to achieve but I’ve found that it’s very quickly become a habit, more than a habit in fact.  I now find it a necessity.  I explore feelings, both mine and other people’s, about issues that interest me, or I write mini-articles, or poems and other bits of creative work.  More recently, I’ve been using WordPress’s daily post suggestions as a prompt.  In fact, this blog post is in response to one of their questions.  I’m now committing myself to taking one piece of writing each week and publishing it on my blog.

I see the whole process as a journey.  With travel, so often the journey becomes more important than arrival at the destination.  I want to experience and enjoy this journey for its own sake.  On any journey, you learn so much about the world, other people, and yourself.  That is what I hope to do here.  You’re welcome to join me if you wish.

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