Variety releases the vice from life

It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut when the busyness of everyday life leaves little time for stopping, reflecting and looking at the bigger picture.  We see things from our own single perspective and forget that there’s a lot more happening beyond the boundaries of our narrow little world.  And we really can’t blame ourselves because there’s enough going on in our lives, more than enough to fill our waking hours and inhabit our dreams.  We’re trapped in the vice-like grip of our life.

But it’s really good to do something different, something outside our normal mundane existence, something that takes us to a different place.  And by a different place, I don’t mean somewhere fantastically exciting.  I’m not talking about crossing the Sahara, climbing Everest or trekking up the Amazon.  I’m talking about exploring the people and places around us that we ignore in the daily rush.  Meeting new people from situations that we think are so different to our own and that we have absolutely nothing in common with can be a real eye-opener.  We find people like me, and no doubt like you, who are just trying to go about their daily life as best they can, making it as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.  It makes you realise that for all the apparent differences, your life is essentially just like everybody else’s.  Circumstances and situations may vary, but we’re all human with the same regrets, sorrows, hopes and dreams.

This week I’ve been doing something a bit different in a place and with people that I’m ashamed to say I had negative, preconceived ideas about.  Those have now been washed away.  I had been locked in the grip of my own world and needed to be reminded that it’s not the only life that there is.

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