Here's to the future


As I approach a major birthday landmark, I can’t quite marry the person that I perceive a 50 year old to be with the person that I feel I am.  I don’t want to take a back seat in life.  I feel too young.  So I’ve decided that I’m going to celebrate this milestone by having fifty enjoyable, new, interesting and exciting experiences: things that I enjoy doing, or things that I’ve always wanted to do, or things that I’m interested in trying, or things that take me right out of my comfort zone.  Join me on my journey.  If you have ideas of things that I could do, feel free to make suggestions.  Here are a few to get started:

1.  Have tea at the Ritz London or some other suitably swanky establishment.

2.  Climb a rock face.

3.  Sing karaoke.

4.  Meet an animal at the zoo.

5.  Learn a new dance.

6.  Volunteer.

7.  Treat a friend to something special.

8.  Enter a short story or poetry competition.

9.  Overcome a fear.

10. Win a competition.

So, that’s my starter for ten.  Other ideas welcomed!

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