Watch this space

I’ve had a break from writing, not intentionally, but life has become hectic due to an imminent house move. Every day I’ve had an ever-increasing list of things to do and an ever-decreasing amount of time in which to do them. However, but the most overwhelming thing in the entire process is the clutter: twenty-three years of life’s junk squeezed into a three bed semi. I’ve thrown out loads, I’ve sold loads, but I also seem to have stored loads. Well, you never know…

A timely magazine article highlighted the evolutionary aspect of this accumulation: we hoard to guard against future shortage. This was appropriate behaviour thousands of years ago but now, in these times of relative plenty, is a counterproductive measure. The volume of our belongings weighs us down and we trudge through life dragging a heavy load, the burden of which blocks our vision and drains our energy, leaving no space or vitality to achieve our ambitions. Lethargy is our constant companion.

This week, I’ve cleared my closet and what a difference when I open my wardrobe door! My spirits lift. I can see what I have and deciding what to wear becomes an easy, enjoyable task instead of a paralysing chore. Synonyms for space are freedom and liberty and that’s how I feel: free and liberated.

It’s going to be crucial to hold on to the benefits of creating space, a space into which I can grow and develop as a person rather than being squeezed and squashed and possessed by my possessions. There are things I want to do in my life, but I need space to do them. By creating physical space, I believe I can also create the emotional and mental space necessary to pursue my dreams. Will I achieve them? Watch this space!

Are you amassing a mess, clogged with clutter or stimulated by space?

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