Happy 2012!

It’s resolution time again but let’s do it differently this year.  Action for Happiness have some feel-good resolutions, which make a change from the normal quit smoking, lose weight, give up cakes-type resolutions that we usually make.  All that negativity – no wonder the resolutions are a distant memory by the middle of January.  This year, let’s make our resolutions fun.  Here are their ten actions for a happier 2012 with my thoughts on each one.

  • Let your family and friends know how much they mean to you – I take it for granted that they know, but do they really?  This year I’m going to show and tell more often.
  • Find ways to make exercise fun and sociable – Last year I took up ballroom dancing and zumba and I would recommend the latter to anyone.  It’s so much fun that it doesn’t feel like exercise.
  • Do extra acts of kindness to help others – When I’m rushing about my daily life, it’s all too easy to think I haven’t got time to help others.  This year I’m going to make a conscious effort to do so.
  • Get outside and enjoy the natural world together – There’s nothing like a walk in the countryside or along a beach to inspire awe.  Somehow it clears the mind and gets everything into perspective.
  • Spend more time getting to know your neighbours – Again, our busy lives suggest there’s not enough time to connect with those around us.  Why not?
  • Take time each day to be ‘mindful’ and notice how you’re feeling – Again, in the apparent rush of everyday life, I lose contact with myself, ploughing through the day on autopilot.  I’m going to take regular time-outs to get back in touch.
  • Change something that’s been making you or others unhappy – There are always things we feel unhappy with and it often seems that they are out of our control.  If you can’t change the situation, change your response.  I intend to look for the positives.
  • Support a good cause you feel passionate about – Something I think I’ll get round to when I’ve got time.  The time is now.
  • Try something new that puts you outside your comfort zone – There’s something exhilarating about pushing yourself forward when you want to retreat.  The first time I went to my ballroom dance class, I got to the door and nearly turned round and went back home.  I’m so glad I summoned the courage to go through that door.
  • Write down three good things that happen each day – I tried this yesterday.  Initially, I couldn’t think of anything.  Then I couldn’t stop writing.

Aren’t these resolutions more inspiring than the usual ones?  Thank you Action for Happiness!


PS   My three good things for today are:

1.         Had fun in the supermarket with my daughter scanning the products en route.

2.         Got real satisfaction from looking at my freshly-cleaned floors.

3.         The sun was shining.

4.         Enjoyed a step class, even though I kept getting the steps wrong.  Who cares?

Whoops, that’s four for starters!


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