Look after the pennies and…

One of the major things I learnt last year was how much money it is possible to waste.  When we moved house, I was horrified at the possessions that had been accumulated through the years.  There were things in the loft that we didn’t even know we had and, I am ashamed to say, there were items duplicated because they had been forgotten and then replaced.  A major clear-out ensued.  In the period between selling one house and moving into the next, we lived in a one-bedroom flat with just the bare minimum of possessions, only the things that were necessary for day-to-day functioning.  I discovered I could live quite happily with this scaled-down version of my previous life.  Not only that, I felt free, uncluttered, clear-headed, unburdened.  I started to question why I had spent time and money on the mindless accumulation of items that I thought I needed but quite obviously didn’t.

I began thinking I could drastically reduce my spending without this having a negative impact on the quality of my life.  I have consequently decided to think carefully before I spend this year and look at ways of saving money by spending more wisely.  The world in which we live encourages us to lust after material possessions, it demands that we spend and we blindly obey, taking on debt and feeling constantly dissatisfied at what we don’t have.  I aim to resist these impulses and am convinced that I will be as happy, if not happier, as a result.

This year I’m going to be a savvy saver.

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