The importance of having a break

I’ve been really busy with work this past week and things show no signs of letting up.  I spend fourteen hours a week teaching.  Last week I did an extra twenty-two hours (unpaid) of record-keeping, paperwork and other such tasks.  I’m not finished yet – there are still next week’s lessons to prepare.  Stress, stress, stress.

So to get on top of things, I was going to spend this weekend working.  Notice my use of the past tense.  I came to my senses.  No matter how good a job we want to do, no matter how dedicated we are to it, no matter how fearful we are of losing it in these parlous times, there is a limit.  I recognised that as the week progressed, I was becoming less and less efficient, my thinking became muddled, I had to keep checking and double-checking what I’d done.  Sometimes I thought I’d done something when I hadn’t, sometimes I thought I hadn’t when I had!  I’m sure you’ve experienced this feeling.

So I got out my files this morning…then I put them away again and booked some theatre tickets instead.  Tomorrow I plan on having a swim and spa in the morning and going dancing in the evening.  I need to look after myself before I cease to function.  So do you.

What do you plan on indulging in this weekend?

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One Response to The importance of having a break

  1. My ex-husband is having both children overnight for the first time since he left. I am going to have a bath, read the paper, do some sewing – and go out! And hopefully sleep all night – that would be lovely!

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