Theatre review: One Man, Two Guvnors

 Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London – 21st March 2012

I overlooked this play when it was at the National, then I started reading fantastic reviews when it transferred.  James Corden was tweeting about his role in it, Stephen Fry (I think) was praising it.  Definitely time to go and see it – except it was completely sold out.

James Corden left, it transferred again, and I finally got to see it last week.

The mid-week matinee performance was packed.  A band, The Craze, was playing on the stage as people took their seats, which is not something you normally expect, but then neither was the play.  In a good way though.

I don’t really know what to say about it except that it was two and a half hours of crazy fun and laughter.  The characters are all extreme examples of their type: the dim, young woman; the older, bolder tarty type; the would-be actor hamming it up; the gangster figure; the former public schoolboy; and of course the hapless guy with two bosses, who is trying to serve both without them finding out about each other’s existence, resulting in numerous misunderstandings and a good deal of hilarity.  There’s comedy, slapstick, music, even audience participation.

I had tears of laughter rolling down my face.

Highly recommended!


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One Response to Theatre review: One Man, Two Guvnors

  1. Sounds good – if I ever get a chance to see it I will.

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