Five tips to keep your home tidy

There’s nothing worse that coming back to an untidy home.  It nags you, it drains you, it irritates you, it reminds you of how useless you feel.   It’s easy to get into bad habits but the good news is that it’s just as easy to develop good habits.  Here are a few tips to help you relax and enjoy your home.

  1. While you’re wating for the kettle to boil, wipe over the kitchen surfaces, put the dry dishes and cutlery away and bag up any rubbish.
  2. Before you leave the lounge (whether it’s to go to work or bed), plump the cushions, put newspapers, magazines, junk mail and used envelopes in the recycling, return remote control to its home, and take used cups and plates to the kitchen.
  3. To make it easier to return things to their place, put items to go upstairs at the bottom of the stairs and vice versa (but not where someone might trip over them).  Take something up or down every time you go.
  4. If a job is going to take less than a minute to do, then do it immediately and don’t leave it until later.  For example, put the cup in the dishwasher, not the sink; hang the bathroom towels on the rail; put clothes back on hangers and into the wardrobe; return books to the bookshelf.
  5. Choose one thing that bugs you, the smaller the better.  It might be that you can never find your keys because you just leave them lying around, or that there’s always dishes in the sink when you get up in the morning, or that there’s a pile of clothes on your bedroom floor.  Focus on putting that one thing right.

It might seem like an effort, but it’s worth it.  How often do you walk into the kitchen in the morning and just want to crawl back to bed because of the state it’s in?  How much better do you feel when it’s clean and tidy?

It’s easier to start small so choose one tip from this list, begin doing it today and see what a difference it makes.  Stick with it until it’s become a habit, then try another tip.  If you have a lapse, don’t give up, just start again.

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5 Responses to Five tips to keep your home tidy

  1. I LOVE these tips. I am struggling to keep my house tidy and organised and it does get on top of me. It can add to my feelings that I’m only just coping. I’m going to try to implement some of them and see if they just make enough difference. I would also like my sink to look as clean as the one in the photo.

    • seaswift says:

      Keeping my house tidy and organised is a constant struggle and is really debilitating. I’m reading ‘The 15 minute rule’ by Caroline Buchanan. She advocates that with any job or project, be it a tiny one or something huge (such as start a business), you set a timer and just do it for 15 minutes, then stop. Sometimes the whole project is so big and time-consuming that you never start – 15 minutes is more manageable. On bad days, just implement a 5 minute rule! It’s amazing what you can get done and it has a motivating effect.
      Confession: I cleaned the sink before I took the photo!

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  3. Great post – I’ve recently been putting things straight away and it’s a great feeling. I’m also a bit of a horder and find it hard to throw things away – have you got any tips that will help with that? I also have a very similar post about clutter that I am currently preparing. Just need the time to type up my notes…

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