Five interesting facts about London

Today is my nephew’s birthday and to celebrate we took a Duck Tour of London.  For those not familiar with what this involves, London has a series of vehicles/crafts which were originally used in the D-Day landings and can travel on both land and water.  You start off on land, then go down a slipway into the Thames and continue by water, which amazingly seems quite natural when you actually experience it.  Anyway, here are five interesting facts that I learnt on the tour.

1.  The statue of Winson Churchill has a vibrating rod incorporated into it, which wards off birds and thus prevents it getting covered in bird droppings.

2.  Each pod on the London Eye represents one of London’s boroughs.

3.  London has the oldest underground system in the world.

4.  There are around 17,000 bus stops.

5.  Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike competition in London, but only came fourth!

Being a tourist in your own city is an interesting experience.  You get to see it through completely different eyes.  London is an exciting and cosmopolitan place, which has so much to offer and I feel extremely lucky to have it on my doorstep.


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5 Responses to Five interesting facts about London

  1. Lou's Labors says:

    Interesting facts, especially about Charlie Chaplin, LOL. London is one of my favorite cities to visit, but we have never done the duck tour 🙂

  2. Marianne says:

    Isn’t funny how we tend to forget the wonderful sights in our own cities, :). I used to go to London all the time, and I just realized I miss it a lot….

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