Theatre review: She Stoops to Conquer

Written by Oliver Goldsmith

(14th April 2012 – National Theatre, London)

The National Theatre is very popular and usually sold out so I was very lucky to get this ticket at the last minute.

The play is set, I believe, in the 18th century and involves humorous misunderstandings and mischief.  The father is hoping that by introducing his daughter to his friend’s son, marriage will follow.  However, his prospective son-in-law believes he is in an innkeeper and his daughter, a barmaid, with hilarious consequences.

In addition to an extremely strong cast, I was also impressed by the set design, particularly the trees and lighting.  The whole experience was funny and entertaining, and the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

There is something very special about the National Theatre.  It’s situated on London’s South Bank overlooking the Thames and with fantastic views of London.  The building is contradictory – an ugly concrete mass with a simultaneous beautiful charm.  There’s a lovely feel to the cafe/bar/seating area, which is comfortable and relaxed yet buzzing and energising.  There are often musicians or singers performing on the small stage area and it’s a great place to meet up and hang out.  I like to arrive early and enjoy a coffee whilst soaking up the atmosphere.  On Saturday, however, it was very busy and the queue was rather long so I had to get a glass of wine from the bar instead.  What a shame!

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