Walkin’ on sunshine

Last weekend, when I looked back over my week, I realised it had not be particularly good as you can see in my previous blog (It never rains but it pours).

However, despite the challenges, I felt pretty upbeat and realised that I’m lucky: I’m a resilient person and bounce back quickly from setbacks.  I try to find the positives in every situation.  Here they are.

Although I couldn’t get on with things on Monday because of problems fitting the alarm, at least we now have a security system successfully installed.

Feeling muddled and overwhelmed with work drove me to take action.  OK, my to-do list ran to three pages but it was down on paper and out of my head, which consequently felt a lot clearer.  I noted the day that each item needed to be completed by and worked through them in priority order rather than switching backwards and forwards between tasks in a state of panic.  As a result, I felt more in control and a lot less anxious that I was going to overlook something important.

The trainee teacher I observed on Wednesday evening commented on how nicely I had delivered my feedback.  I’m not in the business of criticising and bullying people.  I believe in nurturing, encouraging and making people feel good about themselves.  I’m glad that I’ve stuck to these principles (in a culture of criticism) and that I helped make her experience a positive one.

I didn’t mind giving my daughter’s friend a lift home.  I’d rather do that and know that she’s got home safely.  At that time of night, there’s relatively little traffic and I always appreciate it when the favour’s returned.

Although I put in a very long day on Thursday, it was productive.  The to-do list diminished, the priority items were completed.  I could understand my daughter feeling fed up.  She’d been at school, then work, it was raining, she was tired.  She had to direct her frustration somewhere.  We’ve negotiated the teenage years without incident so I’m not going to worry about the occasional strop.  It’s a significant time in her life.  She’s just started working full time but doesn’t want to drop out of school without completing her studies, so she’s trying to do both.  She makes me so proud.

As to the parking penalty, it’s paid and forgotten.  There’s no point dwelling on it.  Lesson learnt and passed on to my friend so that the same thing doesn’t happen to her.

I feel real sympathy at my daughter’s maths disappointment.  Fortunately, by chance, I bumped into a maths tutor – an elusive breed – and was able to arrange some private tuition.

If you wallow in life’s setbacks, you feel even more miserable.  When things aren’t going well, I try to find something positive to focus on.  That way, it’s much easier for me to pick myself up, dust myself down and start all over again.

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One Response to Walkin’ on sunshine

  1. Great way of looking at things. I agree – you have to look at the positives in every situation.

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