Cut your cloth

I recently decided I needed some dresses to wear specifically for dancing.  I had certain criteria they needed to fulfil:

  • they had to be sleeveless – it gets hot
  • as it gets hot (and sweaty), they had to be washable
  • they couldn’t be too low cut (dancing’s difficult enough without worrying about revealing too much!)
  • they had to be comfortable
  • they had to be cheap

I decided four dresses would be a good number, but even at £40 each that would be a lot of money and I’m trying to cut down on spending this year.  So I headed off to the charity shop.  I’m a little bit squeamish about this – charity shops always have a slightly musty smell – but I have a theory: a lot of people buy clothes and then only wear them once or twice, or not at all.  Consequently, buying from a charity shop is pretty near to buying new, but at a fraction of the cost.

I was lucky!  I found two dresses meeting most of the criteria.  They weren’t dresses I would have chosen had I been paying full price, but as they came to a mere 10% of my estimated cost, I wasn’t going to be fussy.

When I got them home and tried them on, I was pleasantly surprised: they looked good.  I have another theory: when choosing clothes, we tend to go for the same style, colour and look, disregarding a lot of items that might look good on us.  We need to be more experimental.

There was only one problem: one of the dresses had a very low neckline but, undeterred and feeling determined, I brushed the dust off my sewing box and made a few adjustments.  Problem solved!

When I wore it for the first time, a stranger complimented my “lovely dress”.  I smiled graciously and said “thank you”.  It just goes to show…

Let the music play!

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