Day 1: Woods and Trees

We all get them: those times when life seems so muddled, when we lurch from one reactive situation to another, there’s no forward planning, everything that’s important starts to slip in the great race to keep up with a life that is hurtling along like a runaway train.

Just recently, I haven’t been able to see the woods for the trees but feeling inspired by the half-term break,  I’ve decided to take action.  I might be feeling confused and overwhelmed and not sure where to begin, but one thing I am certain about is that I don’t want to still be lost in the woods at the end of this week.  I’m determined to clear a path through the forest of my life.

Consequently, on day 1, I created a mind map with all the areas I want to focus on this week.  These are (in no particular order):

House – it needs a general tidy up and clean, as does the garden.

Food – this has been a bit hit-and-miss recently so some menu planning and a proper shop is required.

Relationships – quality time with the family is in order.

Exercise – I need to train for the forthcoming Race for Life and do some different classes at the gym.

Sewing – there’s a dress project that I want to finish and I also want to learn some new techniques from a Craftsy tutorial.

Writing – I haven’t been blogging or doing as much creative writing recently so need to get these back on track.

Fun – in the daily grind of work, this F word slips from my vocabulary.  Time to put it back.

I’ll be sharing my seven days of getting my life back on track because I find that writing it down in this way provides the accountability required to keep the motivation going when it starts to flag.

What areas of your life need attention?  How do you motivate yourself?

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One Response to Day 1: Woods and Trees

  1. Good for you. I’ve been doing something similar myself – it definitely makes you feel organised doesn’t it? Great post – looking forward to hearing how the other days go.

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