Day 2: House, fun and family

Having decided that within the next seven days, I want to get my life back on track, and armed with my list of areas to focus on, I faced the grim reality that it wasn’t going to happen unless I actually did something!

I started by clearing a section of the kitchen/diner which had become a dumping ground for various bits and pieces, including a pile of paperwork, which I feared might contain something important that I’d overlooked.  I went through the items, returning them to their proper homes or dumping them, and then tackled the paperwork (fortunately, it didn’t contain any nasty surprises).  I felt a lot better after that.  These little niggles have a debilitating effect on me and now that they had gone, I felt more optimistic about reaching my goals by the end of the week.

Inspired by this small success, I then went shopping and bought the ingredients necessary to prepare some decent meals.

Chores complete, it was then time for fun and family.  My youngest daughter and I set off to London to meet my sister and her boys, and to see the Queen’s Jubilee pageant – along with 1.2 million others.  The trains were slow and packed but instead of the usual miserable faces and grouchy irritation, everyone was smiling and chatty and sporting Union Jacks and varying shades of red, white and blue.  We couldn’t get near enough to catch even the smallest glimpse of the Queen (well only on the screen that had been erected in Gabriel’s Wharf) but it was lovely to be part of the atmosphere of such a historic occasion.  In times of disillusion, suspicion and demoralisation, it makes you realise that we do have a common bond and a sense of connectedness with others, that people are kind, caring and good, and that we’re all in the same boat (!) just trying to get on and live decent lives.  I came home feeling very optimistic about life.


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One Response to Day 2: House, fun and family

  1. Well done. I’m sure you are feeling inspired enough to tackle the rest of the house now! I always find that my mind is clearer when I have sorted through all of the stuff on the side!

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