Day 3: Housework, writing and being neighbourly

Feeling motivated by the small inroads I have made into getting my life back on track, I set about having a good clean of the downstairs.  It always takes less time and less effort than I anticipate and the subsequent feelgood factor is great.

With that job complete, I turned my attention to this blog and wrote about my experiences to date.  I find other people’s blogs motivating and my determination to sort things out this week was in fact inspired by

In the evening, we invited our neighbours in for a Bank Holiday drink.  Although we’ve been living here for over six months, we have rarely seen or spoken to them.  Unfortunately, the cold, wet winter kept people indoors and spring hasn’t been conducive to spending time outside.  Consequently, people seem to hibernate.  It’s a really nice feeling to develop good relationships with your neighbours and helps foster a sense of community and support.  I like having my own privacy and space but it’s also great to know that you have neighbours with whom you can exchange a few pleasantries and turn to if you’re in need.  I’m pleased to say that they are a very nice, young couple and we are lucky.

So far, this week has been a good mix of getting on top of the day-to-day chores and having a bit of fun.

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1 Response to Day 3: Housework, writing and being neighbourly

  1. Thanks for including a link to my blog – glad I was able to inspire you. It sounds like it was worth it. I agree that it always takes less time than you think, to clean things and make them nice. I find that it ends up being quite therapeutic 🙂

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