Day 4: Through the looking glass

Having had a late night as a result of entertaining the neighbours, I felt lethargic and unable to achieve anything.  However, remembering that I was going to report on my progress, I managed to muster the motivation to continue with organising my life.

My next task was my wardrobe.  This has become increasingly disorganised of late, which has meant that every time I want to get something, I have to take out piles of clothes and other items.  It’s things like this that really irritate and frustrate me.  Being ever the optimist, I decided to put winter clothes in the loft (holding back a few cardigans) and bring some summer bits down.  I rearranged the items so things that I use more often are easily accessible.  It was another one of those jobs that was nowhere near as tedious as anticipated and the end result was immensely satisfying.

As a reward, I purchased an online tutorial from Craftsy.  It’s an indepth demonstration of how to make a couture dress, starting with marking up patterns and making a muslin mock-up which can be adjusted to fit.  I’m looking forward to being patient, taking my time, learning new techniques and, hopefully, ending up with a stunning dress.  In the past, I’ve always been a bit impatient and rushed things, which has meant that the end results have often been disappointing.  Also not having the necessary knowledge has meant that I plough on with a project with fingers crossed and hoping for the best but not having any idea of how things are going to turn out.  That’s the case with my current project, also a dress.  Today I inserted an invisible zip for the first time.  I thought the dress was going to be too small, but when I tried it on, amazingly, it fit.  This, however, is the result of luck rather than judgement, so I’m looking forward to learning more about the whole process and becoming more confident.

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