Day 5: On the attack

Having made inroads into getting the house on form, now it was time to turn the attention to myself, so it was off to the gym for a couple of classes.  The first one was Body Pump, which is basically weight lifting to music.  It focuses on working different muscle groups and – this is the bit I love – continues to burn calories when you’ve left the gym.  (Can this really be true or is it just extremely effective marketing on the part of the instructor?!)  As I hadn’t done it for a while, I kept the weights quite light.  Just as well, because as the day went on, my muscles kept reminding me that they’d had a work-out.  After Pump, I did Body Attack, an aerobics-style class that I think I’ve only done once or twice before.  As I was going to Ceroc (modern jive, but more about this in another post) in the evening, I needed to ‘save’ myself so I thought it would be best if I left after half an hour.  At the half hour point, the instructor told us to get the mats out so I thought she was going to move away from the aerobics stuff into a bit of conditioning – but it was only a temporary interlude because after a few press-ups and the killer plank, the mats went away and we were back to leaping around the studio in a fun-filled frenzy.  I stayed till the end.

Next it was time to pay some bills.  Queuing in two different banks gave me time to ponder the benefits of internet banking.  I think the time has come to set this up.  I’m trying to live by the rule of not working harder but working smarter and more efficiently and this is one area where the same results can be achieved but with less inconvenience.

After lunch, it was time for another work-out: cleaning the bathrooms.  Who needs the gym?  I get a really buzz from shiny taps and gleaming sinks!

So far, this week’s going well.



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One Response to Day 5: On the attack

  1. Internet banking is definitely a good thing. Every time I go to a bank in person I am amazed by the queues. I bank with Smile, which is the internet banking arm of the Co-operative Bank – they’re very good.

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