Day 6: Abigail and Joe

This morning my daughter number 1 overslept so mum’s taxi was required to get her to the station so she could get to work on time.  Then daughter number 2 needed a lift to and from the maths tutor.  To be honest, I’m fed up with driving: the time, the traffic, the cost of petrol.  However, I do find that giving my girls lifts provides a nice opportunity to have a chat with them.  They are a captive audience and can’t escape to Facebook or TV or whatever other lure is more attractive than a chat with mum.  As they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

In the afternoon, hubby and I set off (in the rain, again) to London to see one of my all-time favourite plays Abigail’s Party.  I’ve only ever watched it on TV so was worried that I might be disappointed as it’s hard to top Alison Steadman.  It was just as good on stage and even though it’s set in the seventies, it seems timeless.  Mike Leigh is very clever at showing the lack of communication in relationships.  After the show, we went to Navajo Joe in Covent Garden for an early evening dinner.  It still seems strange to me, after all the years of having children with us, to go out on our own: it feels decadent and luxurious.

As today was busy, I didn’t have time to make any further progress with the house.  However, I’m making a big effort to keep clean and tidy the bits that have already been done.

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