Day 7: Sew, what next?

I finished my dress project and I’m pleased with the way it turned out, but it was down to luck as I have a sew-and-hope approach.  I’ve been watching my Craftsy online tutorials.  These are brilliant, taking you through each step.  I’m particularly interested in making a toile, which is a mock-up of the garment, which you then adjust to fit and use as a template for the real thing.  I’ve never made a toile before.  I’ve always been a bit over-eager to start and have a large dose of optimism, which has often been misplaced.  There are all sorts of useful hints and tips on the tutorials: I’m getting a lot of things right but other areas are being demystified and it’s so much easier when someone shows you what to do.

I’m waiting for the couture dress pattern to arrive so in the meantime I’ve decided to make the skirt they show on the other tutorial.  Today I set off to get all the bits I need, including muslin to make the toile.  I already feel so much more confident so I’m even going to adapt a pattern I already have rather than buying one in the same style as the one demonstrated in the tutorial.  The pattern I’ve got is for a skirt in two pieces with a side zip.  I’m going to alter this to make a skirt with one front piece, two back pieces, a centre back zip and a vent.  I’ve got nothing to lose – if the toile doesn’t work, I can just go out and buy a pattern.

This evening I went ballroom dancing, something I’ve been doing since last August.  We added some steps to the rumba, plus a bit of hip wiggling.  Thank goodness I can’t see myself doing this.  The thing I’ve discovered about dancing is that you just have to let go and go for the move with attitude.  If you get it wrong, you get it spectacularly wrong, but even this looks better than a hesitant half-move that might be right.

As the week has progressed, I’ve been more reluctant to tackle the ‘chores’.  I’m having so much fun doing the other things I enjoy.  I’m aware that I haven’t done any work and that next week is looming and I need to prepare classes and mark essays…but not just yet!

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