Day 8: I can see clearly

The sun is shining so it’s on with the washing machine for a catch-up of all the washing that I haven’t been able to do this week.  Doing the washing is great: you sort it into piles, put the first load on, feel like you have achieved so much, and go off to do something more interesting.  All the while, the washing machine is whooshing and spinning in the background, so you feel like you’re still doing the chores.  It’s easy.  Then you have to hang it out – doesn’t the machine always finish at an inconvenient time?  And mine keeps beeping at me until I tend to it – very irritating.  On a sunny day, I don’t even mind hanging out the washing.  It’s bringing it in and putting it away that’s a pain.  But it’s all done now.

This afternoon, I made my toile.  I altered the pattern, wondering if it wouldn’t have just been easier to stick with it the way it was.  But no, it was only a toile so I gave it a go.  I had to think really carefully about the alterations I was making, remembering to add on seam allowance, and take my time.  I got really excited when the toile was finished and rushed upstairs with my pins to fit it.  I didn’t know whether to feel pleased or disappointed when it fit perfectly without any alterations.  I’m so glad I did it because now I know that the finished skirt will work.  It was also a much more pleasurable experience doing things more slowly and savouring each part of the process, rather than just rushing through it to get to the finished project.  I suppose it’s all about being more mindful.  I usually find I’m rushing from one thing to the next whilst thinking of something completely different.  This is the road to dissatisfaction and exhaustion.  Studies have shown that multi-tasking is inefficient and I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s important to take time and concentrate on what you’re doing, and to see a task through to the end instead of constantly switching tasks and ending up with nothing completed.

This evening, it was off to my new passion, ceroc, for an evening of dancing and fun.  If you get the opportunity to try ceroc, then you must give it a go, but be warned: it’s addictive.

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