The most ambitious project to date

Last night I went to a Caribbean-themed ceroc dance.  In preparation I got my Caribbean-themed dress down from the loft but since I took up ceroc I seem to have lost half a stone so it looked a bit baggy.  It’s too complicated to adjust so a quick dash to the shops resulted in a simple, sleeveless, slightly A-line dress ending just above the knee with a palm tree print and a really good fit.  Perfect!

Then with my newly-acquired couture eyes, I looked at the style of the dress and realised that it was actually very simple: one front panel with a round neck, two back panels with a six-inch opening at the neck closed by a button at the top (one of those loop things, not a buttonhole).  Instead of bust darts, there are two small pleats at the front neck edge.  There is also one of those back tie things that come out from the side seams.  There’s facing around the neck and armholes.

This got me thinking: could I make a pattern based on this style?  The new, couture-confident me thinks ‘Why not?  Let’s give it a go.’  The only bit that I can’t visualise how it works in practice is the front pleats but where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Watch this space.

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