My Happiness Project: Week 3

I think it’s time for a new resolution category: healthy lifestyle.

My five resolutions are:

Drink water – Although I’m better at drinking water than I used to be, I still don’t drink enough.  I did go through a phase of drinking water instead of tea when I got up in the morning and this definitely had a positive effect on my feeling of wellbeing.  I’m going to aim for 1.5 litres a day in addition to water drunk when exercising.

Eat fruit – I love fruit but haven’t been buying so much recently so consequently there are days when I don’t eat any.  I’m going to ensure that I have a varied supply of fruit available and eat at least one piece a day.

Limit sugary snacks to one a day – My sugar habit has gone into overdrive lately.  I know that if I go for a total ban, I will be setting myself up to fail so instead I will allow myself only one biscuit, cake, chocolate bar or dessert a day.  On the occasions when I have the urge to raid the biscuit tin, I will substitute fruit.  I like yoghurt and fruit as a dessert so I can have this instead of a less healthy pudding.

Monitor sleep – Sleep has long been a problem for me and I know I’m not getting enough.  I go off to sleep OK but wake up early, sometimes ridiculously so.  I would estimate that I have about five hours a night but is this really the case?  Before I try to increase the number of hours, I need to know what the true figure is.  Last night my sleep was interrupted by a nocturnal drive to collect my daughter so it wasn’t a typical night.  I guessed I’d had five hours but when I totted it up it came to a respectable 6.75 hours.  Not bad, given the circumstances.

Do ‘unofficial’ exercise and vary ‘official’ exercise – I regularly do the following ‘official’ or organised exercise every week: 1 hour of zumba, 2.5 hours of line dancing, 2 hours of ballroom/latin dancing and 10 hours of ceroc.  I also do a very occasional gym class or workout.  I have heard that your body gets used to the same type of exercise and the benefits are thus reduced.  With this in mind, I want to do a more varied programme of official exercise such as different classes, gym workouts using a range of equipment, and more regular swimming.  I also want to maximise opportunities for ‘unofficial’ exercise such as walking, gardening or pilates or other exercise at home on days when I don’t feel like going, or can’t get to the gym.

In some respects, it’s going to be difficult to organise these resolutions as I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks.  On the other hand, a hot climate reduces my yearning for sugar and increases my desire for fruit and water.  It also makes most exercise difficult and uncomfortable but swimming easier.  I could wait until I get back but have decided to continue regardless and make a start now.  Perhaps it will encourage me to be more creative in my efforts to keep up the momentum.

What do you do to live a healthy lifestyle?  What would you like to do?

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One Response to My Happiness Project: Week 3

  1. I have finally ordered this book so may eventually start trying to be happy…

    I’d benefit from more exercise but struggle to find time. I do walk a lot though, as I don’t have a car. I’d definitely benefit from more sleep – now Small Girl is sleeping better it’s just a question of going to bed earlier, but when I have to choose between an early night and some time to do things I enjoy (at the moment, this mainly means watching West Wing) sleep is usually the loser.

    What would really benefit me is being a bit more organised about meals – planning what to eat and eating a variety of food, particularly fresh fruit and vegetables. I make sure my children eat fairly well, although there’s not as much variety as I’d like. But when I’m just feeding myself, my diet is appalling. Last week, one breakfast consisted of a snickers bar. Another was coffee, a bacon butty and a caramel doughnut from Greggs. This is not really a good start to the day. And if the girls have eaten before they come home when I’m at work, I don’t always eat tea. Every so often I make a meal plan but never stick to it – I’m not sure what would make it work for me.

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