Things I thought I’d never say

I’ve joined a running club.

I’d always thought I’d hated running.  I got tired, my legs ached, I was puffed out, I couldn’t keep going.  So I avoided it whilst secretly admiring those that were jogging round the streets or entering marathons or spending more than 5 minutes on the treadmill at the gym.  I could never do it.

Then I attempted a couple of 5k runs.  I got round, but only by interspersing the running with walking – more walking than running – whilst secretly admiring those who managed to keep running all the way.

Then I saw an advert for a Beginners Running Club – the important word here being beginners.  So I signed up and at the start of last month found myself in a park on Sunday morning with the running club coach and discovered that at least for that week I was the only one stupid enough to join it.  My heart sank because this meant that there was no-one to deflect the attention from me.  But I soon started to realise the benefits: the session was done at my pace and the coach paid really close attention to what I was saying and doing and set challenges according to my capabilities.  I survived the session.  He promised to find me some running buddies for the following week.  This meant I had to turn up.

This weekend will be week 5 of 6 – then we should be ready to leave the baby running club and join the grown-ups.  Last weekend, I ran a mile without stopping, the last part of which was up a hill.  I have done my homework – two midweek runs – every week.  I’ve met some really nice, supportive people.  This week, I opened the blind to a beautiful crisp, sunny morning and my first thought was “What a lovely day for a run!”

And that’s definitely something I thought I would never say!



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