Bag of fun

cute little drawstring bag

cute little drawstring bag

Hubby has been asking for some laundry bags for a while – so long in fact that I think he’s given up hoping – so I thought I’d surprise him.

Now that I’m a more patient sewer, I decided to make a scaled down prototype so that I’d know exactly what to do when making the real thing and could highlight and resolve any problems.

Inspired by The Crafty Gemini on youtube, I made this  mini version following the demonstration.  I adapted instructions slightly because I wanted to practise making the French seams that were demonstrated on a Craftsy course.  These were no problem, but I got so carried away in the fun of it that I forgot to leave an opening at the top for the drawstring – patience momentarily gave way to unbridled enthusiasm and although I’d watched the demonstration through once, I forgot to return to it as I started sewing.  However, I managed to get round my error by making a small adaptation.  I’m so glad that I had this trial run so that I don’t make the same mistake again.

I think it’s quite a cute little bag and really easy to make (if you follow the instructions, that is).

Now it’s on to the real thing.

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