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Work in progress: another jumper

Following on from the success of the jumper I knitted for my daughter, I’m now making one for myself with the same pattern and a different shade of wool.  I’ve nearly finished the second sleeve.  It’s so satisfying the way … Continue reading

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January’s learning is nearly done

Here’s a round-up of another busy week of learning. Jan 22nd: It’s important to keep a journal because memory is unreliable.  Today I was reading what I’d written last summer and it brought back memories of things I would otherwise … Continue reading

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100 word story: the extreme weather meant

I’ve discovered that the weekly prompt for the 100 word story originates from  Julia’s Place – here is my offering for this week. White flakes had been falling persistently for days creating a slushy mix of grit and snow on the registry … Continue reading

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Work in progress: drab dress

This week’s work in progress is the dress for work (except that at the moment I haven’t got a job).  The bodice is coming along well and I managed to set in the sleeves, which went all right but was more … Continue reading

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Jump(er)ing for joy

I’ve completed the first knitted item of the year: a jumper for second daughter.  It was such a quick knit at eight days from start to finish and the good news is that she likes it (and we all know how … Continue reading

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Another week of learning

Learning something every day seems like a difficult chore but it’s surprising easy.  It makes you more aware.  Here are some of the things I learnt last week. Jan 15th: Once you start getting up at a more reasonable hour, … Continue reading

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Five things I love about snow

It makes the familiar look different. It creates chaos and forces you to slow down and live your life in a different way. It gives you an excuse to wrap up warm, stay indoors, follow your hobbies and not feel … Continue reading

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100 word story: the notes from the piano

Every week, gives a prompt for a 100 word story.  It’s a good idea to help you produce a short piece of creative writing.  One hundred words doesn’t seem too daunting a task, and it encouragse you to think carefully about your choice … Continue reading

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Work in progress: a simple jumper

At last!  One of my daughters has begun to sympathise with my desire to create and asked me to knit her a jumper.  It’s a simple, chunky knit and she chose the same wool and colour modelled.  It knits up … Continue reading

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Job search: the eve of the CV clinic

Tomorrow I’m attending a CV clinic, which will hopefully give me some tips on how to improve my CV.  I booked the workshop before Christmas and at the time it seemed such a long way off but it’s come round … Continue reading

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