It’s time to make a ‘to don’t ‘ list

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI love notebooks and in them I write my lovely To-Do lists.  I have a whole loose-leafed book full of these lists.  There are sections such as home, work, personal, projects, menus, and now one for my list of things that I want to do this year.  Every day I try to go to each section, choose one or two items from it, and add these tasks  to my daily To-Do list.  It’s great, it works – but there is a bit of pressure.

Consequently, it was with great interest that I read Leadshipfreak’s blog post on the Not To-Do List.  It’s basically a list of things that you’re not going to do.  Some of the lists he suggests are:

  1. Do less of list.
  2. Put it off till you’re tired and grumpy list.
  3. Don’t care if it’s ever done list.
  4. Have someone else do it list.

What a fantastic idea!  I must add it to today’s To-Do List.

Do you like To-Do Lists?  Do they help or hinder you?

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6 Responses to It’s time to make a ‘to don’t ‘ list

  1. I love lists and have many of them on my phone e.g. shopping list, someday maybe list, things to do on the computer list and so on – I couldn’t do without them. I’ve never heard of a ‘not to do list’ though – that’s a great idea. Sandra

  2. tartanpants says:

    Oh – a “not to do” list is a terrific idea! Especially the have someone else do it list – inspired!!

  3. This sounds cool and new!! Thanks for this idea 😀

  4. I make loads of ‘to do’ lists but I either 1) lose them, 2) forget I made one, 3) get stressed out because there’s normally too much on there! A don’t do list could be good to remind you to not worry about certain things though!

  5. Christa F says:

    This is great!

  6. I love to-do lists. I encouraged my husband to organize himself using lists which has helped him immensely.

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