Work in progress: crochet top


Stitches with American names

Stitches with American names

Although my mother taught me to knit when I was a child, I’d never considered crochet.  To me, it seemed a bit old-fashioned – I mean, just the term ‘granny square’ conjures up an image I’d rather not consider.  However, as I’m on a mission to try new things, I bought a set of hooks, a few different balls of wool and signed up for a Craftsy course.

Within a few hours I had created some samples and granny squares thanks to the fantastic instructions.  Spurred on by success, I sat up half the night crocheting my sister a cowl for her birthday – an easy first project.

My first granny square

My first granny square

Followed by a scarf with flower motifs stitched at both ends (which are impossible to see in the photo) for my stepmother.

Stepmother's scarf

Stepmother’s scarf

Then, as always, ambition hit me and it was off to the wool shop to find my first pattern.  I wanted to see if I could put my new found knowledge into practice.  I found what appeared to be a fairly simple pattern – a four row repeat with no increases or decreases.  I then discovered that I had learnt the American terminolgy which translates into a different stitch in England, but the instructions included a demonstration of the stitches so that wasn’t too much of a problem – I just had to keep remembering that there was a difference.

Here is a photo of my work in progress.  I’ve done the back and am now halfway through the front and trying to complete one pattern repeat a day.  I think it’s a good pattern to start with as it’s not too complicated.  The wool is also a good choice for a beginner because the colour changes make it easy to identify the individual stitches.

Current work in progress

Current work in progress

In general, I think I prefer knitting but, having said that, crochet has a major advantage: it’s much quicker to unpick and there’s only one stitch to worry about getting back on the hook!


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2 Responses to Work in progress: crochet top

  1. tartanpants says:

    I love crochet because of the speed, but I know that I am 100% better at knitting! Your WIP looks lovely, can’t wait to see the finished item!

    • seaswift says:

      I find crocheting really slow and I have to keep my eye on what I’m doing whereas I knit quickly and without looking – perhaps that’s just inexperience. A row of the crochet top seems to take forever, which is why I’m only trying for one pattern repeat a day. I’m not sure I’d describe it as lovely – you should see my children’s faces when they look at it!

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