50@50 review – numbers 21 to 30

Battenburg cake

Battenburg cake

Here’s my review of the next sections of my list.

21.Have a weekend break  – I have a weekend away booked for the end of this month.  I’m going down to the south coast for a line dancing weekend.  My elder daughter’s coming with me, which will be nice, although I think it’s more a case of her being able to visit some friends whilst mum pays for a hotel room with breakfast and dinner, and saves her sleeping on her friend’s floor.

22.Go to a concert – This year I went to Ronnie Scott’s in London on two occasions, once to see Omar Puente (Cuban Jazz) and another time to see Roy Ayres.  I also saw Lady Gaga, who was as brilliant as ever, and Sparks, who I used to really like when I was a teenager.  I saw a clip of Sparks on one of those late night TV shows that goes back to a past decade and googled them to find out what had happened to them.  Much to my surprise, I found they were not only still going strong but were coming to London so I got a ticket.  I’m pleased to say they were as quirky as ever.  People used to take the mickey out of me at school for liking them but are their favourite bands from their teenage years still performing live?  I also went to see Frankie Valli.

23.Attend the recording of a TV show – I saw the Alan Titchmarsh show, which is a daytime talk show that goes out live.  It was interesting not only because of the people and topics but from the point of view of how they put the show together and what’s going on ‘off camera’.  I also went to a recording of Live at the Apollo, which is a comedy show featuring stand-up comedians.

24.Swim in the sea  – I had a quick dip in the Mediterranean.  I’d really like a sandy Caribbean beach, clear blue sea and palm trees.  Maybe this year.

25.Bake and decorate a cake – I don’t usually bake cakes but towards the end of the year I attempted a Battenburg cake, a lemon poppyseed madeira cake, lemon drizzle cake and date, walnut and honey cake.  I didn’t decorate any of them though.

26.Make new friends – Some people say it’s harder to make new friends as you get older although I find the opposite is true.  I’ve met new people at my dance classes and at a running club.

27.Walk in the countryside – I can’t believe that I haven’t done this.  I used to go walking every weekend.  This is something I should try and remedy this year.

28.Organise an event, trip or similar – I don’t normally do class outings with my students but last year I took each class to visit a local historical house.  They seemed to appreciate the fact that I’d made the effort to do this for them.

29.See a film that I wouldn’t normally see – I went to see The Sweeney.  I never watched it on TV as it’s is most definitely not my kind of thing.  The funny thing was that I really enjoyed the film but my husband didn’t think much of it.  It just goes to show.

30.Read non-fiction – In my 52 books read last year were quite a few non-fiction books and I’m starting to really enjoy them.  Now I have two books on the go at any one time: one fiction, one non-fiction.  I’m leaning towards psychology and philosophy books.

So those are numbers 21-30.  I’ll review the remainder of the list soon.


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