Work in progress: office dress

Bodice and skirt sections

Bodice and skirt sections

On 1st January – is that really only last week? – I started making a smart work dress.  I’ve made this dress before in a summery cotton fabric but now I’m repeating it with sleeves in a suit-type fabric.  It looks black in the photo but it is actually dark brown with a light blue dotted stripe running through it.

I’m using the couture techniques I learnt on Craftsy – I never thought I’d say this but I’m hooked on these.  So far, I’ve cut the fashion fabric, silk organza underlining and lining, and I’ve basted the underlining to the fashion fabric, sewn the darts and some of the seams, and begun to catch stitch the seam allowances to the underlining.  I thought I’d find catch stitching tedious but instead I find it relaxing.  I listen to an audio book on my iPod as I do it, currently Any Human Heart by William Boyd.  I usually fall asleep when I’m listening to audio books and consequently one book took over a year to get through.  This way, I get to stay awake and make some progress, both on the sewing and the book.  Well, it’s worked so far as I haven’t woken up with my face acting as a pincushion.

Silk organza underlining

Silk organza underlining

What two activities have you successfully combined?


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One Response to Work in progress: office dress

  1. avj001 says:

    I like the dress I can’t wait to see it finished. And I like to have something in the background whilst sewing – my iPod or a move – but I miss bits when I have to look away from the TV to focus on pinning or cutting, and sometimes I can’t hear it above my overlocker!

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