Job search: the eve of the CV clinic

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERATomorrow I’m attending a CV clinic, which will hopefully give me some tips on how to improve my CV.  I booked the workshop before Christmas and at the time it seemed such a long way off but it’s come round surprisingly quickly.

In preparation, I’ve drafted two versions of my CV, one is chronological and the other skills based.  Hopefully, the bulk of the hard work is done and it will just be a question of making adjustments to improve them.

Writing a CV can seem an arduous process.  After all, it’s important to get it right because there’s a lot at stake.  In the past, I would have set aside a couple of hours or more but, let’s face it, it’s both hard to find this amount of uninterrupted time and although you start off enthusiastic, it’s tiring and as you proceed it can become harder to find the motivation and instead of giving it a lot of thought, you just think ‘Oh that’ll do’.  I’ve written mine by writing a small section every two or three days over the holiday season.  It’s meant that each time I’ve sat down to do it, I’ve felt refreshed and had the necessary energy to devote to doing it properly.

I feel really positive about tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to learning everything I can about CV writing and meeting some new people.

How do you motivate yourself?

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