What I learnt last week

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAHere are the things I learnt last week.

Jan 8th: Yoga is incredibly beneficial.  It’s relaxing, calming, energising and strengthening both physically and mentally.  Out of all the exercise I do, yoga should be given priority.

Jan 9th: I went to see the film Quartet, which is set in a retirement home for musicians.  I’d only really thought of Billy Connolly as a comedian but he is a rather good actor as well.  Outspoken and rebellious characters, if they have charm, can be very attractive.

Jan 10th: Sometimes when I start machine stitching the threads get all caught up on the underside of the fabric.  I wasn’t sure if the bobbin wasn’t in propertly or whether I was doing something wrong.  A sewing book informed me that this often happens and you just need to hold the threads gently out of the way whilst you do the first few stitches.  Problem solved.

Jan 11th: A knitting pattern called for casting on using the thumb method, which is used when you’re going straight into stocking stitch without ribbing.  It’s easy to master – where would we be without youtube?

Jan 12th: It’s not as easy as the pilates teacher makes it look.  She’s lying perfectly still on her side with her leg in the air at right angles to her body.  I’m wobbling around with my leg only fractionally above hip height and it refusing to move any higher.  Then I forget to tighten my core and relax my shoulders and breathe.

Jan 13th: I will always feel better physically and mentally if I go to the running club than I would if I stayed at home, no matter how tempting and latter is and how challenging the former.  I can get up at 8.40am and still be there by 9.30am so there’s absolutely no excuse.

Jan 14th: With focus and determination and ignoring distractions, you can make good progress on an action list, but it does require attention and effort.

What did you learn last week?

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One Response to What I learnt last week

  1. tartanpants says:

    Ah Billy Connelly, he’s great isn’t he? In the last week I learned that I have to stop saying yes and start saying no a bit more! Life will be better if I can just master that one small thing 🙂

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