Work in progress: a simple jumper

a simple jumper

a simple jumper

At last!  One of my daughters has begun to sympathise with my desire to create and asked me to knit her a jumper.  It’s a simple, chunky knit and she chose the same wool and colour modelled.  It knits up really quickly: in just one week I’ve completed both sleeves and the back, and have made a good start on the front.  It doesn’t have any ribbing so I had to master the thumb method of casting on, which was very straightforward.

It’s now snowing in England so everything will come to a standstill and travelling around will be difficult.  This could mean that I stay indoors and finish the jumper this weekend!

the front

the front

I’d recommend this pattern for the novice knitter as it’s not too complicated and the knitting grows satisfyingly quickly.

What are you working on this weekend?

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2 Responses to Work in progress: a simple jumper

  1. tartanpants says:

    That looks like a lovely knit. I don’t have anything on the needles at the minute but I am contemplating starting another pair of socks 🙂 Enjoy your weekend and the snow!

  2. Lou's Labors says:

    I love the wool you have chosen! It’s beautiful 🙂

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