100 word story: the notes from the piano

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAEvery week, limebirdwriters.co.uk gives a prompt for a 100 word story.  It’s a good idea to help you produce a short piece of creative writing.  One hundred words doesn’t seem too daunting a task, and it encouragse you to think carefully about your choice of language so that you are able to capture a story in just a few lines.  Here is my attempt from their prompt the notes from the piano.

She tried to concentrate on the words coming from Arthur’s mouth but the notes from the piano had distracted her, piercing her heart. She hadn’t heard the tune in… how many years was it? She could feel the warmth of Caspar’s hand as he led her to the dance floor, his fingers intimately stroking hers – then the smile on his face as he took her in his arms and they started swaying gently to the sound, awkward at first, then taken over by the music. It was that moment when their friendship had subtly changed.

“Are you listening to me?”

What would your 100 word story based on this prompt be?

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