Another week of learning

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERALearning something every day seems like a difficult chore but it’s surprising easy.  It makes you more aware.  Here are some of the things I learnt last week.

Jan 15th: Once you start getting up at a more reasonable hour, namely between 7 and 7.30 in the morning, it seems slightly crazy and ridiculously early to be up at 5.00am, and yet that’s what I used to do all the time: get up early and work.  I couldn’t sleep because of the stress and thought it was better to get up and get on with it.  Wrong!

Jan 16th: Women are wonderful creatures: adaptable, determined and with a wealth of experience that they are willing to share.

Jan 17th: A group of disparate people can come together and have an interesting and useful discussion about writing.

Jan 18th: The weather-forecasters do get it right sometimes.  It might not look like it’s going to snow at 8.00am but by 3.00pm everything will be hidden under a white blanket.  Believe them!

Jan 19th: There’s a website called dabbler where for a small fee they will send you a monthly newsletter containing information about a new hobby to try.  Sounds interesting and therefore tempting.

Jan 20th: Benjamin Franklin bettered his writing abilities by reading articles in the Spectator, written in a superior style to his, identifying his weaknesses and devising a series of exercises, which he doggedly practised, to improve his skills.  Guess what I’ve bought.

Jan 21st: The snow slows you down.  Although this is irritating when you’re used to rushing from one place to another, it does means that you schedule less for your day and eventually start living your life at a slower pace, which has quite a calming effect.  Also, when you stop making unnecessary journeys and plan the ones you do make more efficiently, you have more time at home to get things done.

What have you learnt recently?

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1 Response to Another week of learning

  1. tartanpants says:

    Great post! I have made a note to look up Dabbler – I love finding new websites 🙂 This week I don’t think I have learnt too much – must try harder! Oh yes, I learnt two things – I need to appreciate Other Half a bit more as he has been so good to me when I was feeling a bit poorly and also black decaf coffee with cinnamon sprinkled into it is quite delicious (I just learnt that right now) 🙂

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