And the learning continues

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe routine might have been thrown a bit last week but the learning goes on.

Jan 29th: Technology might save time, but it also wastes it.

Jan 30th: The type of novels I like are deceptively simple but with deeper layers of meaning, comment on the human condition, and have protagonists dealing with the complexities of existence with a wry humour (and if they have a subversive streak, then that’s a satisfying bonus).  Language doesn’t have to be flamboyant to make an impact.

Jan 31st: I was always taught that it’s a sign of weak writing to repeat nouns and phrases; that it’s better to vary one’s language.  Hemingway, however, used liberal repetition to excellent effect.

Feb 1st: It feels good to write in a different location.  It’s easier to focus without the distractions of domesticity.

Feb 2nd: Sometimes you can do something effortlessly and it all goes right.  At other times, the same thing is difficult and everything goes wrong.  The key is not to become disheartened on the latter occasions but to remember that if you can do it once, you can do it again.

Feb 3rd: The simplest of songs can be the most moving.  I can’t stop listening to When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars.

Feb 4th: It’s a great feeling when you meet someone with similar interests to you.

Feb 5th: I need to have a clear answer to the question: why did you leave your job?  It’s a difficult one to explain to someone who hasn’t been in that environment.

Feb 6th: No matter how much planning you do and how focussed you are, things happen to knock you off course.

Feb 7th: There’s an opportunity to learn wherever you are.  Today I learnt how to wash my hands properly, as explained on the posters in A&E.

Feb 8th: I have employment skills that people are looking for.

Feb 9th: When your body tells you that you need to relax, listen to it.

Feb 10th: It’s important to keep work and leisure areas separate so that the boundaries are clear.

What’s the most surprising thing that you have learnt so far this month?

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