How not to sew a top

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI finally found the pattern pieces for the Burda top in the jungle of lines – a blessing that there were only two.  I got the greaseproof paper out of the kitchen cupboard and started tracing.

But you know that feeling you get when you start a project you think is going to be a failure?  Well, I had it.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that I don’t really like cowl necks but I couldn’t be bothered to change that, and as soon as I entered the fabric shop, I had a call from my sister in crisis and texts from my daughter so I couldn’t really concentrate and forget to get some fabric to make a toile.  So I proceeded without a mock up, rushed, cut corners.  Facing – no, I’m not going to do that.  Bias strip – no, I won’t do that either.    Twin sewing machine needle – never mind, I haven’t got one.  Instructions – a bit complicated, I’ll do it the way I think.  Top looks a bit baggy for my liking – I’ll take a bit off the side seams and fit it to the wait – without measuring, just judging and hoping both sides turn out the same.  My heart wasn’t in it.

But I wanted to try a Burda pattern so I just kept going like a woman on a mission to reach the finishing line before bedtime.

And, surprise, surprise – I’m rather pleased with the result of all this botching.  I might actually wear it.

And I will definitely make another garment from this month’s magazine, but I promise I will take more care on the next one.

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4 Responses to How not to sew a top

  1. It looks decent to me, I cut corners sometimes too so don’t worry about it. The fabric is great!

  2. I’ve just bought a Burda pattern for a dress. It’s supposed to be easy and I am flummoxed just trying to work out which pattern size to use. I think I need to do a full bust adjustment. Or go back to making bags. Your top looks great though – well done!

    • seaswift says:

      Choose the size you think and make up a toile to see if it fits. I’m doing this for the next project – a flouncy layered skirt. I plan to take my time on this one and do it properly. Go for it.

      • I tried that, and I made a toile, and then mucked about with pleats, but I decided in the end, as I’d suspected, that the neckline just didn’t suit me. I am now looking for a new pattern.

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