Playlist of my week

The daily prompt suggested that we create a playlist of five songs which represent our past week.  Here’s mine:

1.  Dance with me tonight (Olly Murs) – I’ve done a lot of dancing this week and this song is guaranteed to make me get on my feet.

2.  Everybody loves the sunshine (Roy Ayres) – The sun came out on Tuesday.  I sat in the back garden for half an hour and basked in its warmth.  It’s been a long winter so it felt great.

3.  Good feeling (Flo Rida) – The sun lifted my winter blues.

4.  All fired up (The Saturdays) – I felt energised and ready for new opportunities.

5.  Just dance (Lady Gaga) – Like I said, it was a week of dancing, so I’ll end where I began.

What songs represent your week?


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