The satisfaction of a list

The illusion of creating order out of chaosThere’s something satisfying about writing lists, in my opinion.  I think this goes back to my childhood and memories of my mother carefully creating beautifully handwritten lists in whatever notebook she was using at the time.  I wasn’t allowed to look in these notebooks – she wrote Christmas and birthday present lists, which she wanted to keep a secret – and curiously I respected her rule and never gave in to temptation.  Occasionally, she would show me a page and it was pretty mundane: a list of household chores to be completed, or items to be bought when she next went shopping.  But her habit left a lasting impression and I have to confess that I am a listaholic.  Here is a list of five things I make lists about.

1.  The books I read.  I write them in a notebook or diary but also keep a digital list on Goodreads.

2.  My goals for the week.  These are written in my diary.  I try to ensure I don’t make too many goals each week so I’ve got a better chance of achieving them, but it doesn’t always work.

3.  The things I need to do.  I used to write these in a notebook but I now use the Errands app on my phone.  Check it out if you’re into To-Do lists and tracking – it’s great.

4.   The projects I’m working on (knitting, sewing, writing, art, running and anything else I’m interested in).  Because I sometimes put a project down for a few months, I also list the next steps for each project so I can more easily return to it.

5.  Random lists that have been prompted by other people.  For example, five things I love about snow or five things I want to teach my children.

Are you a listaholic?  What do you write lists of?


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4 Responses to The satisfaction of a list

  1. I write to do lists because I’m terrible at remembering things. As well as lists of things I’m worried about, because then oddly I feel like I can stop thinking about them!

    • seaswift says:

      I know what you mean – sometimes I write a list and forget to look at it. Writing things down definitely helps to stop them buzzing about in your brain.

  2. camparigirl says:

    Total listaholic! I feel they keep me organized even if they add another layer of work. Plus, my head is so crammed with facts and memories I need help remembering everything that needs to be taken care!

  3. Patti Clark says:

    I love making lists. They help me keep my chaotic brain focused. I totally believe lists are under-rated!

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