My dysfunctions chronicled

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI found this crazy little journal today. I particularly like the ironic quotations on each double page, which offer a skewed insight on life.

It brought to mind Rosenhan’s experiment “Being sane in insane places”, where ‘sane’ people faked insanity to gain admission to psychiatric institutions. They were subsequently diagnosed as being ‘insane’ despite acting ‘normally’ and their pleas to the contrary. Not surprisingly, one of the institutions became angry with Rosenhan and challenged him to send pseudopatients, ie ‘sane’ individuals pretending to be ‘insane’, for them to identify. They identified 41 pseudopatients during subsequent weeks. Rosenhan hadn’t sent any!

Life is absurd and now I plan to chronicle just how dysfunctional mine is.

"Instant gratification takes too long"

“Instant gratification takes too long”

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2 Responses to My dysfunctions chronicled

  1. Love it! You can have fun chronicling your dysfunctions.

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