What shall I do?

I frequently wake up on a Sunday morning with no real plans and as a result the day drifts.  Come early evening, lots of ideas about what I could have done keep popping into my head and I feel frustrated that I haven’t achieved much more than a bit of housework and a half-hearted dabble in a few hobbies.

Today I decided things would be different so I went on to lastminute.com to see what theatre tickets were available this afternoon for shows in London.  (Yes, I know: London’s on my doorstep and I don’t know what to do!)

I got a good deal for a show I’ve been thinking about seeing for a long time: Burn the Floor.  It stars Robin Windsor and Kristina Rihanoff from Strictly Come Dancing, and was recommended to me some time ago.  As it finishes its run at the end of the month, I’ve got tickets in the nick of time.  I’m treating my daughter as she enjoys a dance show and we’ll head to London a bit earlier and have some lunch first, maybe in Covent Garden.  She’s just finished her exams so it will be really nice to relax and spend the day with her.

Last night, I spent a few hours dancing.  This afternoon, I’m going to sit back and enjoy watching the experts, and hopefully get a bit of dancing inspiration

I feel so much better now I have definite plans for the day.

How are you spending your Sunday?


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