50@50 list

Here is my list of new, fun and interesting things that I intend to do to celebrate life.

  1. Have tea at the Ritz London or some other suitably swanky establishment – indulged on 21st March 2012 (see Puttin’ on the Ritz!)
  2. Climb a rock face – in door climbing on 19th March 2012 (see The only way is up and Rising to the challenge)
  3. Sing karaoke
  4. Meet an animal at the zoo
  5. Learn a new dance
  6. Volunteer
  7. Treat a friend to something special
  8. Enter a short story or poetry competition
  9. Overcome a fear
  10. Win a competition
  11. Write 50 blogs
  12. Read 50 books
  13. Make 12 theatre visits
  14. Go to the Globe Theatre
  15. Visit the Tate Modern
  16. Have a spa day
  17. Run 50k
  18. Cycle 100k
  19. Swim as far across the Channel as possible
  20. Row across the Channel (34k)
  21. Have a weekend break
  22. Go to a concert
  23. Attend the recording of a TV show
  24. Swim in the sea
  25. Bake and decorate a cake
  26. Make new friends
  27. Walk in the countryside
  28. Organise an event, trip or similar
  29. See a film that I wouldn’t normally see
  30. Read non-fiction
  31. Do something outside my comfort zone
  32. Go to a talk or lecture
  33. Join a group or club
  34. Read a classic
  35. Go clubbing
  36. Go to a cocktail bar
  37. Visit a previously unvisited town or city
  38. Try a new activity
  39. Meet or see a famous person
  40. Appear on the stage
  41. Write a novel
  42. Set up a business
  43. Design a website
  44. Make something

Ok, so I know there are only 44 so far but I’m leaving the last few blank to allow for taking advantage of new opportunities.  Of course, I’m hoping that most of the experiences will be shared with the other people in my life.

Note:    17-20 will be done in stages at the gym, not all in one go!


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