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New Beginnings? Let’s hope so!

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Smash The Goddam Mirror!

Originally posted on View From A Fridge:
When it comes to happiness, I’m not often going to be quoting either ex-Conseravtive MP Gyles Brandreth or indeeed the xenohpobic and misery inducing Daily Mail, but a change is as good as…

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Under starter’s orders

This post is inspired by an article by Barbara Sher in this month’s Psychologies magazine. In the article, she talks about serial starters – people who keep taking up new hobbies or starting new projects but don’t always finish them – in … Continue reading

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Four reasons why holidays are an essential part of life

In this 24/7 society, holidays are viewed by some as an unnecessary luxury, something to be frowned upon or to feel guilty about taking.  However, as far as I’m concerned, taking a holiday – whether it’s staying at home and … Continue reading

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Wait no more

When I was younger, I sometimes felt that I was waiting for my life to begin.  There would be a particular moment when all the stars aligned, everything would fall into place and my life proper, the life I saw … Continue reading

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What shall I do?

I frequently wake up on a Sunday morning with no real plans and as a result the day drifts.  Come early evening, lots of ideas about what I could have done keep popping into my head and I feel frustrated … Continue reading

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Surprise, surprise!

I’ve just received congratulations on today being the third anniversary of my blog.  I had no idea – doesn’t time fly? I’d like to say a very big thank you to all those who have chosen to follow this blog, and to … Continue reading

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My dysfunctions chronicled

I found this crazy little journal today. I particularly like the ironic quotations on each double page, which offer a skewed insight on life. It brought to mind Rosenhan’s experiment “Being sane in insane places”, where ‘sane’ people faked insanity … Continue reading

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Life’s complicated

We all have problems: some major; some minor; some life-changing; some no more than mildly irritating. I work hard to find solutions to these problems, but what I’ve noticed of late is that in solving one problem, I seem to … Continue reading

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Just a Minute: 5 tips to make studying easier

The thought of getting out the books and settling down for a long stint of studying can be off-putting to say the least, so much so that it deters you from starting at all. Here are some ideas that take … Continue reading

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