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Surprise, surprise!

I’ve just received congratulations on today being the third anniversary of my blog.  I had no idea – doesn’t time fly? I’d like to say a very big thank you to all those who have chosen to follow this blog, and to … Continue reading

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My dysfunctions chronicled

I found this crazy little journal today. I particularly like the ironic quotations on each double page, which offer a skewed insight on life. It brought to mind Rosenhan’s experiment “Being sane in insane places”, where ‘sane’ people faked insanity … Continue reading

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When I started this blog, I didn’t expect anyone to even find it, let alone read it.  Consequently, I noted today with some surprise that I now have 99 followers, who at some point have felt that they might want to read my … Continue reading

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The satisfaction of a list

There’s something satisfying about writing lists, in my opinion.  I think this goes back to my childhood and memories of my mother carefully creating beautifully handwritten lists in whatever notebook she was using at the time.  I wasn’t allowed to … Continue reading

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Review: Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

I finally solved the dilemma of whether to review this book by the deadline without finishing it or to finish it and post the review late.  I compromised my principles in order to be able to do the novel the … Continue reading

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100 word story – what does it taste like?

Here is this week’s 100 word story, the prompt being courtesy of Julia’s Place : He’d hoped she wouldn’t ask but the inevitable “What does it taste like?” hung precariously between them. He indicated his full mouth to buy himself time.  … Continue reading

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100 word story: beneath the surface

A little late, but here is last week’s one hundred word story, based on the prompt from  Julia’s Place Monica studies Angie, smiling from one guest to another, effortlessly and at ease in her emerald-green cocktail dress, eyes sparkling, tossing her … Continue reading

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And the learning continues

The routine might have been thrown a bit last week but the learning goes on. Jan 29th: Technology might save time, but it also wastes it. Jan 30th: The type of novels I like are deceptively simple but with deeper … Continue reading

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January’s learning is nearly done

Here’s a round-up of another busy week of learning. Jan 22nd: It’s important to keep a journal because memory is unreliable.  Today I was reading what I’d written last summer and it brought back memories of things I would otherwise … Continue reading

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100 word story: the extreme weather meant

I’ve discovered that the weekly prompt for the 100 word story originates from  Julia’s Place – here is my offering for this week. White flakes had been falling persistently for days creating a slushy mix of grit and snow on the registry … Continue reading

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