Four reasons why holidays are an essential part of life

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIn this 24/7 society, holidays are viewed by some as an unnecessary luxury, something to be frowned upon or to feel guilty about taking.  However, as far as I’m concerned, taking a holiday – whether it’s staying at home and having a few days off work or going to a different location – is essential.  Why?

Firstly, the daily grind can be a slog as we rush from work to home and home to work, running errands in between, with our eyes constantly on the clock and our body under stress.  Getting away from this, affords our minds and bodies the chance to switch off from this relentless pressure and take the opportunity to repair and recover.

Secondly, stepping outside the daily routine allows us to get things into perspective.  When we’re not snowballing along in our everyday lives, we can stand back and reassess the way we are living and compare it to the way we would like to live.  We have the time and space to reflect on this and consider ways in which we can make changes.

A further advantage is that experiencing a different routine or location reminds us that the life we are living is not the only one to live.  It’s a cliché, but travel really does broaden the mind and allow us to see things from other points of view.  Visiting a different place, seeing new sights and making new friends can be exhilarating and inspiring.  Not only that, but holidays also give us time to reconnect with our family and strengthen our relationships.

Finally, a break is rejuvenating and allows us to return to our daily life feeling refreshed and recharged, and with the motivation to make adjustments to enhance our lives.

With this in mind, have a lovely holiday season!

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4 Responses to Four reasons why holidays are an essential part of life

  1. In total support of them all and any others you come up with while you are away! Bonne Voyage!

  2. I agree – taking a break is very important to recharge the batteries. Great blog!

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